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1020 South Miami Blvd. Suites 117 - 120, Durham, NC 27703

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About Little Birdies

Our Story

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Our Philosophy
The Mission of Little Birdies Nursery School –

to continue to make a difference to children, families and employers, and to provide the highest quality early care and education for each child in each nursery, every day.

  • We put children first
  • We create a quality nursery environments
  • We encourage an honest, open culture

What We Offer

Why Kids & Their Parent Choose Us


Qualified Teachers

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Dalphia Murphy
Dalphia Murphy
Dalphia Murphy
Bessie Midgette
Bessie Midgette
Bessie Midgette
Yanett Govea
Yanett Govea
Yanett Govea
Debbie Timmons
Debbie Timmons
Debbie Timmons
Pre-K Teacher

OUR values

Our Principles

At Little Birdies, we are guided by our Values and Principles. Our Values and Principles are quite literally at the heart of our organisation’s ethos and culture, and identify how each member of Little Birdies’ family contributes to the whole.

  • Honesty & Respect
  • Accountability & Teamwork
  • Inclusiveness & Enjoyment

what parents say

Testimonials About Randy's Five Star Academy

“Ms. Murphy, I wanted to say thank you for everything that you do and everything you did for our family. Randy’s Five Star Academy Little helped my family a lot from just taking care of them so I could go to work, so I could sustain my family, Read more.

Amelia, Marica, & Alberta

Satisfied Parent

“Hello Mrs. Murphy and boys and girls at Little People Day Care center, it was a joy to talk with you when you and your friends had dinner at Mama Dips. I was happy to hear that you have a business taking care of our little ones. Read more.

Mildred Council (Mama Dip’s Kitchen)


“The Little People Day Care owned by Ms. Dalphia Murphy was the first day care for both of my daughters, Alexis (25) & Kelsey (23) Perry. Alexis was one of the first when the daycare started. Dalphia was also our next door neighbor,  Read more.

Alesia Perry

Satisfied Parent