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Darryl Smith, Jr.

” Ms. Murphy, thank you! I could probably write a book for the things that you have done for me and my child as a whole. You are an inspirational person that has loved me and my son like no other. I thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and Dylan.

I have seen you work each and every single day since my son have been attending Little People and I know that you work hard to keep the business of the daycare going and I applaud and thank you for that as well.

Little People is a great facility and I admire the way you all run the business very professionally and with love. You have worked with me so many different times to not only help me mentally and emotionally but to also motivate me getting through school.

Without having Little People day care, I could not have finished school and get the things done that I did because I had to ensure that my child was somewhere safe and loved. I know that my child is not like many, but I knew everyday when I dropped him off he was being taken care of the proper way and was being loved the proper way and nowadays that is not the case in a lot of facilities. So I thank you for that and I am very happy with my experience with your daycare.

I truly wish that we could continue and I am unsure of where Dylan will end up but I thank you and hope that this relationship will go on a lifetime. You have set the foundation for my child to succeed in every way going forward and I thank you and we love you for that. Thank you Ms. Murphy.”

Darryl Smith, Jr.