Welcome To Our Day Care!
1020 South Miami Blvd. Suites 117 - 120, Durham, NC 27703

About Us

Randy’s Five Star Academy formerly called Little People Day Center Inc. began in 1995 on Tyne Drive as a Family Child Care Home (FCCH). We first open our doors to serve infants to 5 year olds. With quality our as main focus, we receive NAFCC Accreditation. To better serve the needs of the community, that small FCCH grew to a small center serving 12 children and received a 5 star license. On July 9, 2002 we opened Little People 2 on Wake Forest Hwy. Little People 2 became a 5-star center serving children two years to five year old. On January 5, 2009 Little People relocated both Little People and Little People 2 into the East Parkside Plaza. We are a 5 star center serving children from birth to 12 year olds.

The purpose of our program is patterned to the developmental needs of each child. It strives to contribute to the growth and development of the children in order that he/she may become self confident, self-sufficient, and self-disciplined. It also enhances an awareness of worth and understanding of one’s self. The skills learned supports a broad based program that enables each child to acquire basic skills in communication, creativity, and coordination involving the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. The goals of our day care are to provide an atmosphere of trust and support in which an individual (child or adult is accepted for who she/he is, and can grow, develop, and learn with other caring adults and children. We encourage all our parents to participate actively in the life of the program, visiting any time, accompanying us on field trips, sharing their talents and participating in special activities.

Our objectives will concentrate on the three most important areas of development:

1.  Physical and motor — that refers to the body changes that children experience as they grow and mature.
2.  Cognitive and language–development describes learning or the changes in growth and thinking that take place inside our children’s minds as they learn through experiences, their behavior and thinking changes.
3.  Social and emotional– development when children develop more mature feelings about themselves and their world. Children will develop socially, as well.  They learn how to get along with others. To give you an example of how the areas of development overlap; a child recognizes a ball across the room (cognitive development), crawls over to it and picks it up (motor development), says “ball” (language development) and laughs and shows it to mom (social/emotional development). The most important thing to remember about planning for your children is that play is the primary means through which children develop and learn.

We are a licensed center caring for children from birth to 12 years old. We are members of Child Care Services (Child Care Services) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We are committed to serving you with the best Child Care possible. We reserve the right to serve or not serve whomever we please due to cooperation. We thank-you for choosing Little People.

Our experience staff is well qualified to provide the best care for your children. Dalphia Murphy, Center Director has over — years of experience in child care and meets the NC Early Childhood Administration Credentials I & II (NCECAC) requirements. Each teacher has met the Early Childhood Credentials I & II and has experience in early childhood care.