Your child will receive two well-balanced meals and one snack: breakfast, lunch and a p.m. snack.  Please let us know what your child likes or dislikes.  Our day care will provide table food. The parent’s responsibility will be to provide wipes, change of clothes and diapers.  Individual written feeding schedules and menus will be posted.  All parents need to fill out a form in order for their child (ren) to be on the Child Care Food Program. Menus are posted on the parent’s bulletin board. Copies are also made available to interested parents. Be sure to notify us if your child has allergies to particular foods. We do not provide formula. If you would like for your infant to eat table food, you must write a statement and sign it to be on file. If your Child has a special diet or allergies to certain foods –then the parent must bring the child’s food unless we can provide the special diet. Parents are welcome to bring snacks for the children, just discuss with director. We are open to ideas but they must be nutritional.

Early Head Start
Durham’s Partnership for Children has been awarded a grant to establish year-round Early Head Start (EHS) services in Durham. Randy’s Five Star Academy was chosen as one the few! The Partnership has delegated the operation and management of the Durham Early Head Start program (DEHS) to the Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project, Inc. (CHTOP) which has operated an Early Head Start program in Orange County for over ten years. Read more.

Multi-Cultural Curriculum
Children will develop a cultural awareness and appreciation of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Through planned activities children will learn about the language, dress, housing, music, foods, games of other countries.  Children will participate in enriching cultural holidays and events.

Parents are welcome to bring refreshments for your child’s birthday or other special occasions.  Please let us know in advance if you plan to do so.  Visits are welcome at the day care anytime.  All food items brought to day care must be prepared in commercial kitchen or store brought items. (Ex. Harris Teeter) No homemade items.

Nap time
All children are assigned a mat (cover with a sheet) for resting.  Children are encouraged, but not forced to rest or sleep.  Nap time occurs between 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., depending on age.  Children who do not wish to nap are provided quiet activities during this time. Parents are expected to purchase the first sheet and blanket. Talk to the Director.

Play area
Our play area is equipped with a top notch playground that is safe, fun and healthy for our kids which is well monitored for your child’s safety and well being.

Before a child transition from pull-ups to underpants, the child must be able to effectively communicate his/her need to use the bathroom to the childcare provider.

Children are not allowed to bring personal toys, candy, and money from home. Personal toys and food from home cause disruption of the daily activities, can spoil the child’s appetite for meals and causes tension with other children. One of our daily activities is to teach children to pick up toys and put back in correct containers. (Friday toys are allowed for Circle Time.)

In case of injury, general liability and accident insurance is provided by: First Casualty Insurance Agency and Hartford Life, (910) 692-8303.

All medications will be kept in a locked box or refrigerated. No drug or medication shall be administered to any child without specific instruction from the child’s parent, a physician or other authorized health professional. No drug or medication will be administered after its expiration date. Parent must fill out medication forms correctly or the staff will not be allowed to give medication to children.

Becoming ill or injured while at Randy’s Five Star Academy
If your child becomes ill during the day, you or your emergency contact will be called. You should pick up your child as soon as possible. You must notify us if your daytime phone number or emergency number is changed. If the child has a temperature he/she will be isolated until his/her parents arrive. If the child is under 1 year old he/she will be isolated in the playpen.  If the child is older than 1 year old he/she will rest on a mat until his/her parent arrive.  We will inform all parents of any contagious infections as soon as identified.  Please keep children home with contagious illnesses. Let’s protect our children.

Slight injuries at the school will receive first aid.  The nature of the injury, time, place, of occurrence, first-aid steps taken, and name of staff involved will be recorded on an “incident/injury” form and parents will receive a copy.  Parent will be called at work to inform of such injuries or problems occurred.